Creative Conflict Resolutions came to us because they were experiencing challenges with their website Overcoming Emotional Abuse. The site was old, the navigation was not intuitive, and there was a need for restructuring and modernization. 

Before / After

The old website didn't have a separate homepage, but was instead set up as a blog. We wanted to promote the coaching services and books offered by our client, and also build an email list for marketing purposes.

Drag the handle to see the difference between the old site and the new one!

Logo Logo

Responsive design

The new website works across all devices.


Member Area & Course Content

The website has a member area and a separate e-learning environment with several learning modules for paying members.


Email Optin Offer: Free Guide

We created a compact PDF guide with the goal of assisting women who are living in abusive relationships to end the abuse and start recovery. The guide is delivered in exchange of an email address. When the user opts in, it starts an automatic email series with helpful, valuable free advice and tips for women in these situations.



Increased brand value and new subscribers

The facelift has increased the brand value of Creative Conflict Resolutions tremendously. It has also made a big difference in delivering value to the site visitors, offering many free resources as well as paid ones, and easy navigation on all devices.

After the website launched, Creative Conflict Resolutions started boosting posts on Facebook and getting the new site traffic. Conversions are promising and the site has already delivered many new subscribers who opted in to receive the free guide. The site continues growing!