A new handmade jewelry
& apparel business

Wild Outline is my passion project: a dream of creating my own line of handmade jewelry and apparel. It took me six years to perfect the technique of creating this unique type of jewelry, which would be best described as "illustration jewelry".


The brand for Wild Outline took years to form in my mind. It's a rare luxury to be able to develop a brand so slowly and with care.

My branding work process starts by writing down keywords that I want to convey and include in the brand, such as values and emotions. Then it's time to define the target audience and research what kind of message resonates with them. After that the grunt work starts!

Tasks included:

  • Logo
  • Brand colors
  • Typography
  • Jewelry design (illustration and assembly)
  • Product photos
  • E-commerce website design & development
  • Marketing videos (scripting, shooting, editing)
  • Marketing strategy & social media strategy


The website runs on WordPress, using WooCommerce for the e-commerce functionalities.

Tasks included:

  • Copywriting
  • Building media gallery
  • Creating graphics and logos
  • Web design and layout of all pages
  • Content filling
  • Development of e-commerce environment
  • Setting up hosting, SSL, e-mail
  • Setting up print-on-demand syncing and product fulfilment
  • Customer care
  • Maintenance


The Wild Outline logo is hand written and conveys a feeling of wilderness and rebellion; it doesn't confine to boundaries or expectations. Yes, it's TOTALLY WILD!

I have also hidden several animal shapes in the logo. Can you see them? Drag the handle to reveal the animals!

Logo Logo

Business cards

Business cards

Product photos

Product mockups



I believe every brand should have a manifesto! As a final touch, I wrote a manifesto for Wild Outline to show the world what the underlying values of my business are. When it's all stripped down to the core, what is the true purpose? The manifesto states this:


Creating change through positive energy,
awareness and kindness.