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Here's what happens during our consultation call,
and how it will benefit you and your business.

Here's your opportunity

Here’s your opportunity to bulldoze the mental clutter out of the way and start leveraging the power of a unique, consistent brand identity. Here’s your chance to finally understand the importance of visual communication as a way to make cold prospects become raving fans and open their hearts and wallets for you – so that you sell your products and services without being a sleazy salesman or a creep!

Let's face it... being a small business owner...

It’s hard!

There are so many moving parts, so many hats to wear, and so many experts telling you what you SHOULD do.

You barely have time to cross out the daily tasks on your ever-growing to-do list, yet alone think strategy and branding while you watch YouTube videos on how to build a friggin’ website on your lunch breaks?

No wonder you’re feeling overwhelmed!

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And yet...

...while you’re busy doing your actual job serving clients, do you know how many leads you’re missing because your website isn’t optimized or your brand isn’t seductive?

Maybe you have a website, but it doesn’t convert visitors into clients.

Maybe you’ve tried Facebook Ads, but you got nothing except frustration and a negative balance in your books.

Maybe deep inside, you know what your core brand is all about, but you haven’t had the time to express it throughout your communication and marketing materials?

But despair not...

I can help you!

I’ve been helping big and small businesses stand out using disruptive visuals and core branding since 2004. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, I’ve read a lot of books, and I’ve invested in a gazillion courses in marketing – 

But that’s not what really matters! What matters is this: I really want to see passionate, heart-driven small businesses SUCCEED. I want to ease your struggle when it comes to branding and marketing!

But you need to take action NOW, because every minute spent neglecting your brand
means you’re turning potential customers away.





I use my own, unique, diamond design framework to help you hone in on your message and find the visual representation best suited for you.

I have picked the diamond because it perfectly illustrates how design should be: crystal clear, yet eye-catching and drool-worthy.

It should create a wow-effect, but at the same time never lose the core message. The message is inside the diamond, and the shape of the diamond is what makes the message catch the attention of your dream client and deliver your offering in a stunning, no-nonsense, de-cluttered, absolutely sparkling form.

The diamond is transparent, because the form should never cover the message but instead support it!

What we do during our call

During our 30-45 minute call I will focus on getting the big picture: what you do, where you come from, and where you want to go. Whether or not you choose to continue working with me, you will walk away with more clarity and actionable steps that will help your business.

1. The big picture

We will take a look at your current online presence: your website performance, social media presence, challenges and what’s working now.

2. Who is your business?

We will dive deeper into your business personality and define your unique qualities.

3. Brand consistency

We will examine your current brand strength and consistency across your online platforms.

4. Problem areas

We will identify problem areas and places where growth is needed.

5. Action plan

We will create a customized,
actionable plan for your business.

It works!

“Petra very quickly and clearly identified specific areas for improving my website. With her guidance about what information a website should contain, Petra helped me refine the content to address what my clients were actually looking for when going to my website. She also was very specific about how the colors and images of my website did not communicate or align well with my business personality. The clarity and insight I gained by working with Petra - not only about my website, but about my business as a whole - has been invaluable.”   


RESONANCE Brand Consulting Group



Looking forward to talking to you!

I personally review all answers and will get back to you soon. If I think we are a good fit, you will get access to my calendar where you can book a slot that's convenient for you.


Take care until then,
– Petra