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How to turn your tears of rejection into a waterfall of empowerment – the way you handle rejection in business will make or break you

Dealing with rejection is unfortunately something every entrepreneur and business owner has to do on a regular basis. Even top performing salespeople will get the dreaded “NO” more often than not. The difference between a successful entrepreneur and a struggling one is your attitude when it comes to rejection. Will you be blaming yourself and…

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6 Reasons Why Your Creative Business Needs a Branded Website

Is your creative business still relying heavily on word-of-mouth referrals? Getting referrals is great, but it leaves you totally out of control when it comes to choosing your clients or (gasp) increasing your prices. If you would like to land more high quality projects and increase your pricing, then read on. The web audience is…

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Watch out for this merciless slayer of your creativity and success – what unrealistic expectations will do to your creative career

Perfectionism is a widespread disease in our culture. Research shows that perfectionism crushes creativity and growth both on an individual level and in organizations. Perfectionism can really have a paralyzing grip on you. It can stop you from releasing any creations into the world because your inner critic is whispering manipulative words into your ear…

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