Website Disappeared from Search Engines? 6 Telltale Signs that Your Website is on The Black List of Google

Everyone hates doing their SEO. But the harsh truth is this: you might be killing your chance of showing up in local search results without you even knowing it. If you want potential clients in your city to find you online you need to go through this list of SEO blunders and fix them ASAP. At the end of the day, you want customers close to you to find your website and become paying clients!

Why it’s important to take care about your SEO

Google’s on a serious mission: it wants to provide users with information that is up-to-date, content that is helpful and unique, and the best writing there is on the internet. Google tweaks it’s algorithms continuously so that the crème de la crème of the web gets the exposure it deserves, and the scammers and copycats get punished and sink down to the bottom.

As a result of this Google is issuing penalties to websites that don’t follow the rules. Sometimes the penalty is deserved, but you might be doing stuff that Google dislikes without knowing it! So you probably want to do something about that, right?

How do I know I’m being penalized by Google?

Penalties can be manual or automatic. If they’re manual, somebody from Google would probably have told you about the issues. But that is not the case if it’s an automatic penalty. Those penalties may surprise even the most magnificent SEO professionals!

Here are some clues that you have been penalized:

  • Your brand name does not bring up your website in search results anymore. Even if your site doesn’t rank for anything else, at least it should succeed on that one keyword!
  • You used to be on page one before, but are now on page two or three without having changed anything yourself.
  • Your PageRank score has suddenly dropped from a two or three to 0 or a measly 1. (ACCORDION / POP UP OPEN UP: What’s PageRank? Google PageRank (Google PR) is a method Google uses to tell if a page is relevant. Important pages will get a high PageRank and are more likely to show at the top of the search results. Google PageRank (PR) is a measure from 0 – 10. It’s based on backlinks. The more high quality backlinks your pages has, the higher your PR score will be. Improving your PR score by building quality backlinks (but PLEASE don’t buy them!) is very important if you want to improve your search engine rankings.
  • Your website suddenly disappeared from Google’s cached search results overnight
  • Running this site search “ keyword” doesn’t yield any results
  • When you eventually find your page on Google, it’s for a page other than to home page.

These are all tell-tale signs that you’re being penalized by Google and it’s time to rectify the situation.

Check out our blog post about the “10 embarrassing SEO mistakes that will bury your business deep in the Mariana Trench of Google – and how to correct them today” and download an action checklist so that you can get the situation under control right away.

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